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Perverts create ‘Muliro Gardens B’ in Kakamega

Muliro sex activity

Three years ago, social media was abuzz with talk of shocking photos of couples making out at Kakamega’s main park.

Perverts and sex workers had turned a bench made of bamboo at Muliro Gardens into a love bed and used the park as a ‘lodge.’

Pictures of couples having sex on the bench sparked a lot of criticism from far and wide.

After the media exposed the ‘day lovers’ at the park, church leaders went to the site to cleanse the bench with prayers.

Today, a fenced Muliro Garden is strictly monitored by county askaris with nothing unbecoming to note.

But perhaps, after fencing and sending guards to the park, the authorities should have sensitised the perpetrators on good manners.

Apparently, the infamous ‘bush sex’ that characterised Muliro Gardens has now shifted to a different location. This is just 300 metres from Muliro Gardens, at the well-manicured Kakamega Golf Club.

During the weekends, golfers traverse the course, chatting away in kingly flair. In their wake is a different kind of golfers.

The ‘second division golfers’ frequently appear in sandals, suspicion written all over their faces, probably because they have just disregarded a sign post with a ‘No Through Way warning. They are always in pairs.

These men and women then head for a secluded corner of the course where they chat for a moment before disappearing into the overgrowth and do away with their clothing for a session of ‘golfing.’

A caddy, who sought anonymity, told The Nairobian that every morning, they encounter a litter of condoms on the course.

“When I take a walk in the morning through the course, I come across condom wrappings and used tissues. It’s a common sight at the club as we fetch golf balls,” says the caddy.

Another caddy said: “As darkness falls, they start their affairs, I believe they find the grass on the course comfortable.”

The Captain of the Kakamega Golf Club, Julius Oketch, admitted that there is a possibility non-members are misusing the grounds for “other reasons known to them” and blamed it on the lack of a perimeter fence.

“I wonder where some of the ‘No Through Way’ signs went. Those people who misuse the course must have pulled them down,” Oketch said.

He says that he will consult the county management to ensure the golf course is fenced and movement restricted for non-members.

Bishop William Kubondo of Jesus Praise Centre Ministries said he regrets that even after leading powerful interdenominational restoration prayers at Muliro Gardens, the vice has not stopped.

“Sin, my brother, has a peculiar way of reincarnating, but prayers will prevail,” Bishop Kubondo told The Nairobian.

A local lodge manager in the town claimed many rooms are usually empty throughout the day and are mostly taken up by visitors to the town.

“The price of a room is very affordable in Kakamega. It is hard to understand why they would opt for the bush instead of using the available rooms,” the manager said.

Kakamega County minister in-charge of youth and culture, Jamin Shitsukane, said the golf course is not controlled by any authority and it is unfortunate that it is being misused by residents.

“We have rehabilitated Muliro Gardens and fenced it and we closely monitor activities there. We don’t want a repeat of what happened. Families come here to relax and enjoy picnicking,’’ he added.









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