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Britney Spears' conservatorship - What rules is the singer expected to follow?

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 Britney is set to address the court about her conservatorship this summer

It's been almost 13 years since Britney Spears was placed under a conservatorship overseen by her dad, Jamie Spears, following her breakdown in 2008.

Now at 39-years-old, the Toxic songstress appears to have made it clear that she no longer wants her father to act as her conservator.

Amid a growing 'free Britney' movement, in which fans have expressed concern for Britney and calls for her to take full control of her life, the singer will finally address her controversial conservatorship in court this summer.

While the conservatorship was originally established to protect her wellbeing, the agreement also means that Jamie has complete control of regulating every aspect of the singer's life.

From having every penny of her finances managed to restrictions around having a smartphone, here we take a look at some of the alleged things Britney is and isn't allowed to do.

Britney Spears has spending limits

One of the biggest parts of Britney's ongoing conservatorship is that Jamie Spears oversees the singer's finances as well as all of her business deals. As part of the arrangement, her dad was given leave to negotiate business deals for Britney, sell her property and even restrict her visitors.

Britney was even forced to account for everything she bought so her purchases could be included in annual spending reports to the court.

Because Britney's dad is required to report to a court each year about how everything is being spent, this means that all money going in and out is strictly monitored.

However, the financial situation gets tricker - especially after it was reported that Jamie is asking Britney Spears to pay for his own legal fees in the conservatorship battle.

 Britney is reportedly not allowed to get married at the moment (Image: Copyright unknown)

Britney reportedly wasn't allowed an iPhone

In 2019, it emerged the Circus hitmaker wanted an iPhone but her dad Jamie didn't want to allow it - according to reports at the time. Her dad apparently expressed concerns about "social media and people with ulterior motives contacting her", according to TMZ.

Despite the claims, it was reported earlier this year that Britney does have control over her social media profiles and what she posts for her millions of followers. According to the singer's social media manager, Cassie Petrey, Britney “creates her own posts and writes her own captions for Instagram ”.

"She finds the google images, Pinterest images, quotes, memes, and everything herself. Nobody is suggesting any of that stuff to her. She generally edits the videos herself. If a video she sends in is edited by her social media team, it's probably because she gave specific instructions that way. Then she sees it and decides if she wants to post it or not."

In the Instagram post, Petrey added that there were no hidden messages and that she was not involved with the conservatorship in any way.

 Britney struggled with substance abuse in the 2000s (Image: britneyspears/Instagram)

Britney 'needs permission for marriage and babies'

According to Forbes, another caveat of the conservatorship would mean that Britney would not be able to get married again without her dad's permission. This was backed up by Britney's make-up artist Maxi, who said last year that the conservatorship is controlling whether she can tie the knot and have more children.

"I can tell you what they're still controlling to this day is whether she has a baby or not, whether she gets married or not, who her friends are, and those are some big things," Maxi said, according to Us Weekly.

"We’re talking about some Handmaid's Tale–type things to keep her from having a baby. Like, we're talking … I can't detail it and I’m not gonna specifically say, but I will say for sure, she would've had a baby by now. She would've probably been married to Sam by now. She would have groups of friends around her."

Throughout the last few years, the mum of two has been incredibly smitten with her beau Sam Asghari and the couple has teased that they're in this for the long run.

Sam, who met Britney on a music video set in 2016, said that he was set on marrying his partner in the future.

“This is something that every couple should do. That's the whole point of a relationship -- we are a family,” Sam told ET in 2019. "Trust me, if we do ever get married, everybody’s going to know."

The singer is 'not allowed into liquor stores'

While Britney is reportedly free to come and go as she pleases, TMZ also reported some years ago that another agreement in the conservatorship states that she is not allowed in liquor stores. This is claimed to be linked to the singer's struggles with substance abuse prior to the events of 2008.

According to the report, security keeps an eye on the mum of two when she is out and about and seldom step in.

In 2018, it was also reported that Britney's team had banned alcohol backstage at her tour in order to make sure that Britney isn't tempted. The singer has allegedly been teetotal for years.

More recently, Britney is focused on keeping herself healthy and 'eating clean'. Earlier this week, the songstress shared a bikini-clad video in which she spoke about taking up boxing and feeling stronger in herself.

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