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We can't give up on coffee reforms now

DP Gachagua vowed to take on the few individuals, who have held the sector to ransom for decades, and reaping handsomely from the seat of thousands of peasant farmers.
By Editorial Sep. 28, 2023
If a leader needs seven years to find the right people to appoint to deliver a manifesto, then such a leader should not be trusted with the instruments of power.
By Editorial Sep. 25, 2023
The national government should seriously consider the parliamentary Departmental Committee on Health’s request not to renew the contracts of Cuban doctors working in Kenya.
By Editorial Sep. 21, 2023
These delays risk exposing school managements to litigation over non-payment of salaries and failure to honour their side of the bargain with suppliers.
By Editorial Sep. 20, 2023
Fuel prices hit a record high this week sending shockwaves through an already fragile economy and a populace reeling under an extremely high cost of living.
By Editorial Sep. 17, 2023
14 Kenyans will be on the start line in various races with epic battles expected to light up the global stage. As a nation, we should rally behind our big shots.
By Editorial Sep. 16, 2023
Higher PAYE taxes and the housing levy have reduced the amounts employees take home and affected their spending power.
By Editorial Sep. 14, 2023
Ideally, most NGOs have been serving the most disadvantaged in society, hence, their operations are perfectly aligned with the bottom-up economic agenda.
By Editorial Sep. 13, 2023
While it is understandable to improve service delivery to the people by reducing the distances they travel in search of them, calls for additional counties are not driven by any compelling need.
By Editorial Sep. 12, 2023
The Vice-Chancellors Committee has offered a relief to parents and new students getting into public universities by clarifying that they need not pay tuition fees upfront.
By Editorial Sep. 9, 2023
Political parties, as we all know, do not exist or operate in a vacuum. They have rules that those who seek to join them must read, understand and agree to before joining.
By Editorial Sep. 8, 2023
The 10 MPs alleging that the Pepfar funds were being used to finance family planning and reproductive health principle, including abortion.
By Editorial Sep. 5, 2023