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Gen Z are driving a war against thieves, wastage and opulence

President Ruto is the midwife, and they will keep him on maternity toes. They are happy he has sacked his Cabinet.
By Barack Muluka 2d ago
President must decide whether everyone in his Cabinet should fall on their own sword, or if he will fall on the sword on behalf of all, or with them.
By Barack Muluka 1w ago
You are in a lonely place, Mister President. It is not common for the Middle Class to burst into the streets, Your Excellency.
By Barrack Muluka 2w ago
An educated class of Kenyan youth is today bringing home to roost the chickens of history. You can only ignore their grief at your own risk and doom.
By Barrack Muluka 3w ago
Why does the President seem to have dropped his earlier principled and dignified positions on issues, both at home and away?
By Barrack Muluka 1mo ago
We are a conscious reversal of civilisation, an edifice of negations, a pool of absurdity. Our leaders want it that way. They love smallness, and even being made to feel small.
By Barrack Muluka 1mo ago
Limuru III is a wakeup call to all Kenyans on tribalism. It is a reminder that Project Kenya is a flop.
By Barrack Muluka 1mo ago
A national disaster team under disciplined uniformed command is the right outfit to clear and rebuild roads and bridges.
By Barrack Muluka 2mos ago
Public Service Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria thinks that temporary contractual employment is the answer to the pesky wage bill challenge in Kenya. It is a knee-jerk proposal
By Barrack Muluka 2mos ago
The prodigiousness of massive sudden loss of life has stalked Kenya these past few months. The recurrences risk stunning us into deadness.
By Barrack Muluka 2mos ago
The government condescendingly tells striking doctors and the rest of Kenyans to ‘live within our means.” They say the wage bill is bloated. But the plunder at the top goes on.
By Barrack Muluka 3mos ago
It is correct to say the Kenya Kwanza government lost its first year. The second year is going the same way. Hopefully they will salvage their third year that begins in August.
By Barrack Muluka 3mos ago