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At home with Michael Okwiri

Arts and Culture
 Michael Okwiri

Michael Okwiri was the former Vice President of Airtel, a position he held with distinction for numerous years in various corporate blue-chip countries.

Okwiri, a former seasoned luminary in the C-suite, exudes an air of timeless sophistication that has defined his illustrious career. With a rich history in executive leadership, he has seamlessly navigated the corridors of corporate giants, leaving an indelible mark on each chapter of his professional life.

In a departure from his corporate past, Okwiri now stands at the forefront of entrepreneurship. Dressed in shorts and sporting a fedora hat, he paints the picture of a stylish bachelor, embracing the freedom and creativity that entrepreneurship offers. This new chapter reflects not only a change in professional pursuits but also a shift in style and perspective for Okwiri.

Okwiri orchestrates his life with an unmistakable blend of style and adventure, where an insatiable appetite for the finer things fuels a fast-paced, globetrotting existence.

As we ventured into his abode, the airtight security whispered that this wasn’t just a residence—it was a haven for the elite.

The compound, quieter than a pin drop, the entrance was guarded by German machines – a Mercedes, a motorbike, a scooter, and a mini VW, setting the tone for what lay beyond. A nod to his passion for motorcycles, the parked two-wheeler and the sleek Mercedes, all meticulously parked at the entrance, created a visual testament to his refined taste.

His five-bedroom mansion is a marvel, an unexpected mix of patterns and textures, with an architectural arc shaping the living room, creating distinct spaces. Layers of patterns, textures, and colourful flights of fancy fill his space, making the layout captivating.

The wooden floor provided a canvas for Okwiri’s eclectic collection of rugs—each a tapestry of textures, colours, and patterns. A white fur rug, Persian gems and a carefully curated display added warmth and character, a visual feast that mirrors his vibrant personality.

 The living room area

His floral sofa seats, adorned with opulent cushions featuring silver embellishments, hinted at a penchant for extravagant details.

The living room, adorned with decorative treasures and paintings, felt like a gallery of indulgence. The floral wallpaper created a paradise within, a dreamy escape amplified by ample windows draped in blinds, shaping a cocoon of subtle radiance.

A tech enthusiast, Okwiri’s blend of modern fireplace, and a futuristic fan with laser lighting showcasing images akin to an album created a mesmerizing ambiance. The transition to the TV area, marked by a romantic blend of red crystal chandelier, Persian carpets, and antique seats, felt like stepping onto a timeless movie set.

As we ascended the staircase, floral wallpapers whispered of privacy and personal sanctuaries. The home office, a showcase of English-style elegance, and the TV room, reminiscent of a captivating 60s vibe, revealed Okwiri’s commitment to timeless charm.

 Home office

Hosting and entertaining friends is important, evident in the carefully designed rooms upstairs.

Outdoors, the massage area bespoke pampering under the open sky.

In Okwiri’s master bedroom, simplicity takes centre stage with its plain white walls, serving as a serene backdrop to the handcrafted king-size Lamu bed and impeccable lighting. This carefully curated space creates a mood that oscillates according to preference, providing an intimate sanctuary for winding down.

The Jacuzzi and walking closet elevate the room to a larger-than-life experience. Okwiri, reflecting on his design choices, shared, “I preferred to have plain walls to create a calm and restful space when I am winding down, with less noise.”

This intentional design not only amplifies the luxurious atmosphere but also adds a personal touch to his night-time rituals, making his master bedroom a haven of tranquillity within his enchanting abode.

Venturing outside, a monochrome floor, a rustic table crafted from treasured boat wood, and a mirror reflecting the outdoor allure painted a picture of outdoor elegance. Okwiri’s investment in his space showcased a deep adoration for his friends, ensuring they too indulged in his curated haven.

And when probed about the future, Okwiri, hinted at settling down.

 “I am ready to settle, and I am dating at the moment,” he quipped, leaving the air filled with anticipation of the next chapter in his enchanting life.

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