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The Kabus' soulful country home

Arts and Culture
Simon and Sarah Kabu's holiday/retirement home in Nanyuki. 

Sarah Kabu, the Managing Director of Bonfire Adventures and her husband Simon Kabu have splurged on their retirement home in Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Laikipia County.

One gets to enjoy the wild animals; most of the time, the animals come to you. It is a thrilling experience.

They are among the few lucky Kenyans who bought the property when it was opened to the public. It cost them at least Sh30 million to buy the home and about Sh20 million to decorate it.

The four-bedroom farmhouse’s architecture is rustic and creatively designed with huge windows. It looks like a piece of art tucked away in the bush.

Their house pulsates with textures, patterns and colour. The windows command panoramic views – quirky but classy. The furniture is mid-century, and the pieces were chosen with passion and heart.

 The Lazy Bones lounge patio has a jacuzzi.

The entryway is welcoming and exquisite. The splendour of the double ceiling gives the space volume and makes it airy and posh.

The space has his and hers plush, colourful, flowery wing chairs, a table and a carpet. The walls are adorned with thematic 3D art that adds a splash of colour.

Grey-weathered leather sofas, leather poofs, rustic high stools, lighting, table and accessories echo a modern country home. Three-horse show art pieces resonate perfectly with the space.  The distinct features in the room are a modern fireplace with a wooden wall unit. The wall unit’s open cabinet displays expensive drinks. The other wall, an abstract brick painting, adds understated character to the space. “The men come and chill in this space. As you can tell, the colours and textures are more masculine. I call this ‘Karibu Lounge’. Each space has a name,” says Sarah. During the tour of the home, our backdrop is wildlife and the bush. The elegant furniture and paintings and a treat, too.

The terracotta floor contrasts with sofa chairs and the carpet, giving it a country home feel that is soulful.

 Simon and Sarah Kabu's holiday home.

The other room where girls/women chill is ‘Dadas Lounge’. The living room is charming, warm and inviting.

Cream plush sink-in sofas, a vintage clock and a carpet that contracts the walls wicker baskets on the wall added a distinct character. The huge windows give a perfect view of the outdoors.

The dining table area décor is glamourous and elegant. From the elegant accessories to silver gilt candle stands to leaf-like plates, the accessories on the table – and expensive crockery – are a statement. The open, modern kitchen with fitted appliances is spectacular.

The bedrooms are timelessly stylish and designed. The evocative designs are magnificent, each with a distinctive character and deliberate reminiscence of being in the wild.

Every bedroom is filled with unusual offerings inspired by mountains capes, animal print, zebra, twiga or contemporary space. If lucky, you will spy wild animals at a watering hole around the compound.

 Simon and Sarah Kabu's holiday home. 

The four rooms are trendy and luxurious, with cosy bedding. The colours are neutral shades, creating a sophisticated and tranquil feel.

Throw blankets add a dose of luxury and warmth. Sarah’s imagination and creativity is seen throughout the bedrooms with the choice of art pieces and accessories. Each room in the house would suit everyone, depending on their personality.

The Lazy Bones lounge patio has a jacuzzi and swing chairs to watch the sunset or sunrise in the morning. The Busy Bee lounge has a pool table for the busy bees.

After the house tour, we had a sundowner, and the views were breathtaking. The next day we woke up and enjoyed a bush breakfast and a safari drive.

Chef Wachira outdid himself with various desserts, food and refreshments. After lunch, I looked forward to dinner with considerable relish. We dined and wined like kings. What a fantastic way to escape.

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