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Spooky season: Video games to check out this period

 Video games to check out this Halloween season

The eerie season is here. We have had spooky-themed bespoke events all over.

Many video games play ghosts as the villains but some developers have completely changed the script. While vampires and zombies are the iconic masters of Halloween, ghosts are the biggest trope. And probably more universal than the other two.

Surprisingly, there aren't many games where you can play as a ghost but there are some titles that put this into perspective.

With this interesting role reversal, it makes for unique gameplay. If you feel going against the grain this week, these are games that you should check out this particular period.

Murdered: Soul Suspect

This game is a dark-spirit mystery game where you must solve your own murder and uncover the culprit.

The gameplay follows a detective with a not so straight past who gets caught up in a violent burglary and is brutally murdered.

He is shocked to find himself in the afterlife, and his only ticket to life is to uncover the truth behind his killing.

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

This game chronicles the journey of a vampire-turned-ghost, Raziel. You get to become the disfigured ghost who can shift through stuff.

Originally, protagonist Raziel was a vampire, but he was murdered and resurrects as a ghost and goes on a quest for vengeance. His whole mission is to fight back to his old life.


Although this comes out as one of the scariest games ever made, it is not a horror game. It is a comedy.

You get to play as Polterguy who died due to a defective skateboard but now you have come back to take revenge on the man who sold you a faulty board that eventually led to your death.

Despite the dark revenge tale, the game's frights are usually pretty funny, achieved through hilarious animation.

Ghost Master

This is a puzzle strategy game where you get to control multiple ghosts at once.

As their master you are a bureaucratic spirit tasked to perform certain duties such as haunting, you may also be "called in" to increase belief in the supernatural, avenge deaths, and conscript renegade ghosts.

When not haunting, the Ghost Master is responsible for the training of the ghosts under their command.

Thimbleweed Park

The game has multiple protagonists, one of which is dead. Franklin Edmund was murdered shortly after the game's inviting incident and is compelled to haunt.

Rather than exploring a haunted house, Franklin's segments see the player haunting the house themselves. He can possess objects in order to complete puzzles.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

This adventure game stars an amnesiac ghost looking for his lost memories. He has the ability to rewind time four minutes before someone's death, allowing for thrilling rescue sequences.

He also has the ability to manipulate small objects, making every life saved a complex puzzle.

Haunt The House: Terrortown

This is a simulation of a haunted house and unlike other ghost games it doesn't use drab colors but instead goes all out with Halloween decoration aesthetic.

Players control a ghost as they make their way throughout many locations throughout the titular Terrortown.

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