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Mum 'kills and castrates' daughters ex

African News
 Mr Bogdanov shared a drink with his former mother-in-law and her partner before a row broke out.

A woman has confessed to killing and castrating her former son-in-law “because he was late with alimony payments”.

After stabbing Dmitry Bogdanov, 32, and using a kitchen knife to slice off his testicles, she then threw them out of her open flat window, said Russian police.

The 49-year-old woman and her partner from Borovichi in Novgorod region were detained by Russian police.

Mr Bogdanov had shared a drink with his former mother-in-law and her partner when a row broke out.

The unnamed woman accused of failing to pay money and give help to her daughter - his ex-wife - and grandson, the victim’s son.

She stabbed him several times with a knife and when Mr Bogdanov collapsed, her boyfriend grabbed the knife and continued the attack.

She then cut off the victim’s testicles, before hurling them out of the window.

 The murder weapon was used to slice off the victim's testicles.

Police said the man had been stabbed 27 times.

The mother phoned her daughter who immediately called the police.

The couple initially denied murdering Mr Bogdanov but later confessed, said police.

The killers and the victim drank alcohol together before the killing (Image: IC in Novgorod

The Russian Investigative Committee has opened a murder case.

 The killers and the victim drank alcohol together before the killing.

In 2018, a woman who used a large kitchen knife to chop off her ex-husband's penis and testicles was jailed for four years.

Lira Plaksina claimed she severed his manhood after he appeared at her home drunk and demanded sex.

The 47-year-old Russian woman told the court her husband would beat her and she had acted in self defence.

But the judge, decided she had severed the 44-year-old man’s penis and scrotum as he was lying asleep on the sofa at her village home.

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