Minimum entry requirements for degree courses reviewed

Universities and colleges are faced with a possible strain in their resources as the government eases qualification requirements for degree courses.

The review and validation criteria for placement of students to universities by the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) is expected to cause an influx of students qualified to join universities.

Despite the expected increase in enrolment, there is no significant expansion of infrastructural capacity of universities and colleges, and increase in government funding expected.

“It is my wish also that among other things, KUCCPS will consider cut-off points for joining universities to be based on available accommodation space and government capitation,” said University Education PS Simon Nabukwesi during the KUCCPS Stakeholders Forum for Validation of Placement Criteria for Degree courses.

Competency based

The PS said the review was necessitated by introduction of new courses and dynamics in the job market.

He said the education sector has experienced reforms and developments since the last review of degree placement criteria in 2017.

“The implementation of the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) has now taken off and it is time to align higher education and prepare it for CBC graduates,” said the PS.

Further, Nabukwesi said the review process will be followed by a sensitisation programme for students in secondary schools on selection of university courses based on their talents and competences.

“You identify talents in students and lead them to choose the courses that suit them best for right training. Many schools do not have the booklets and do not bother to look for them to guide the students,” he added.

KUCCPS Chief Executive Officer Mercy Wahome said the criteria will recognise areas such as agriculture and education where many students are disadvantaged by the minimum subject requirements to enroll in universities.

“The review augers well with the direction we are taking with the competency-based curriculum (CBC) because we are focusing on competences and talents of students in selection of courses,” said Dr Wahome.

The review of selection criteria is also expected to address the clashes between professional bodies and the Commission for University Education (CUE) on minimum subject requirements to join universities.  

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