Study-weary Matungulu boys trudge back to school

A handful of KCSE candidates of Matungulu Boys High School who stormed out of the institution on Wednesday night, citing being tired of the books have returned to school. 

Standard Digital has authoritatively established that at least 13 students reported back to school on Thursday evening, barely 24 hours after storming out.

The Form Four students bowed to pressure after the school immediately communicated to their parents via a WhatsApp group that their sons had fled school citing frustrations and were on their way home.

“I informed the parents immediately via a WhatsApp and it is through the parents’ efforts that the students are coming back, they have nowhere to hide,” said School Principal Joseph Makau.

Makau on Friday morning confirmed more students were being received in shifts based on their respective class streams in line with the "back to school" schedule communicated to parents.

"The first class began coming back yesterday (Thursday) afternoon accompanied by their parents and today we're expecting the other two. Hopefully many will be back to class by the close of business today (Friday)," Makau told Standard Digital over the phone. 

However, the principal maintained firm disciplinary measures will be meted out on at least 15 students who have been identified as the ring leaders of the disruption.

He blamed the unrest on drugs and substance abuse by a section of the students, whose non-tolerance by the school management he said triggered the wild reaction by the students.

"The County Quality Assurance and Standards office is currently handling the matter with regard to disciplinary action to be taken against those found culpable," he said.

He added that the school diet, which was part of the students' grievances had been given a clean bill of health by the area sub-county public health office.

But the principal clarified the school's priority was to ensure all candidates resumed normal learning in preparation for the national examinations expected in March next year.