- MondayBlues

An Assistant Minister left his wife believing he was on a working Christmas tour before holing up his clandestine lover in a Mlolongo entertainment spot for two days — before the wife came hunting for him, MondayBlues can reveal.

On Christmas eve, the rather laid-back mheshimiwa disguised himself with an all covering headgear and a large jacket as he sneaked the so-looking-18-year-old into the popular entertainment spot where he had booked a room for three nights.

With a live band strumming away at the romantic hibernation all night long, the Assistant Minister drunk himself silly and eventually threw caution through the window. He made out with his catch, cuddling her even as all the eyes of the public focused on them.

At 3 am, the Assistant Minister staggered his Christmas ‘chick-en’ to the dance floor where they walzed to a few Kamba classics before making their way to the private hotel room. MondayBlues watched astounded as events unfolded.

According to a security guard at the hotel, the two left the room on the 26th after the Assistant Minister’s wife got wind that her “hardworking” hubby had been spotted in the highway town.

“She came over to smoke him out. She was furious, saying he had told the family he was out of the country. But by that time, he had left,” the guard told MondayBlues.