High Court denies terror suspect bail

The High Court in Mombasa yesterday declined to grant bail to an Imam suspected to be involved with the Al Shabaab terror group.

Khalid Mohammed, who allegedly preached at Mlango wa Papa mosque, was first arrested in Bondeni area on May 23 this year and police claimed they recovered a hand grenade, plastic multiplier explosives, a detonator, blank passports and compact discs believed to contain inciting material.

Reports indicate the mosque’s committee rejected him and his sermons after he was deemed to be radical and extremist.

Justice Martin Muya directed that the accused apply for bond before the court tries him, after an earlier court denied him bond.

“The issue of bond can be addressed by the trial court as the 30 days detention comes to an end,” said Muya.

Mohammed had been released on police bond of Sh50,000 but was rearrested on May 25 by the Anti-Terror Police Unit and the regular police.

The respondent also faces charges of being in possession of a stolen vehicle worth Sh1.2 million belonging to Al Noor and changing the number plates.