Farmers appeal to State over losses from climate change

Hundreds of farmers are counting losses after their crops dried up due to lack of rainfall. [Christopher Kipsang, Standard]

Wheat farmers want the government to enact measures to reduce the impact of climate change.

This follows a prolonged drought blamed on climate change.

Hundreds of farmers are counting losses after their crops dried up in the field due to lack of rainfall.

Alex Muriithi, a wheat farmer in Kieni Constituency, said he expected a good harvest from his six-acre farm, but the crop dried up due to prolonged drought.

"I had planted on time, like I always do, but due to climate change, there has been total crop failure. We no longer know the right time to plant, "he said.

Joshua Gichohi, a wheat farmer from Naromoru, said this season he will harvest nothing from his 15 acres due prolonged drought.

He added that climate change had brought new diseases and pests.

"The seeds we are buying are prone to pests and diseases compared to those we used to plant. The hot sun has created a good environment for armyworms which have invaded my farm," he said.

The farmers called on the government to involve climatologists to advise farmers.

"With the current situation, the government should bring on board climate experts to teach farmers about climate change to avoid losses," Gichohi said.

Climate Change consultant Job Kareithi blamed global warming on human activities.

"Poor agricultural practices cause emission of greenhouse gases which lead to global warming, causing changes in seasons and rainfall patterns," he said.

He said the government should implement policies that will provide long-term solutions on climate change.

"The government should encourage use of organic fertilisers which can be made from de silting lakes and dams," he said.