Before MPs learn table manners and how to use cutlery, they should ensure Kenyans have food

A man takes a bite of spaghetti. [iStock]

After the elections, when the Majority side held its first meeting, a very important announcement that involved eating was made.

That should not have taken Kenyans by surprise, after all, ours is a country where people contest elections not to serve their voters but to eat.

It is an exercise that no politician hides. They gladly announce that it is their turn to eat, and those who are not at the table with them are derogatorily told to continue salivating.

Even their cronies are never ashamed of announcing that they are also eating, after supplying air to State agencies and getting paid billions of shillings that could have been used to improve the lives of the under-privileged.

The underprivileged in this case are victims of poor governance.

At times they are called the marginalised yet every five years, they elect leaders who promise that they will uplift the marginalised communities, then abandon them and go live in the cities.

While in the city, they wail how their communities are marginalised because they have been ignored by successive governments.

What they forget is that they are the ones who have ignored their people.

Currently, the whole country is feeling the effects of high cost of living and almost all counties, except those in Nyanza and Western, are receiving relief food.

The leaders from counties getting relief food will blame the drought, yet every financial year, they wax lyrical how they will install irrigation systems so their people do not rely on rain-fed agriculture.

And so, during the first meeting of the Majority party, the president told the members that they will be taken for etiquette classes so they can learn table manners and how to eat using using forks, spoons and knives.

It would have made so much sense if the legislators were told to ensure food is available first before they are taught table manners and how to eat using forks, spoons and knives while their voters die of hunger.