My mother is so proud of me, Akothee now reveals

Singer Akothee. [Courtesy]

Musician Akothee has been unwell for a while. About a week ago, word had it that her health had got worse and that she had been admitted to hospital.

Even though she did not speak about it, her absence from the social scene and low social media interaction had her fans worried. 

The 38-year-old award-winning singer, social media influencer and businesswoman has been in and out of hospital since October, last year.

In November, she revealed she had pinched nerves – a condition that occurs when too much pressure is applied to a nerve by surrounding tissues, such as bones, cartilage, muscles or tendons.

It is usually a damaged nerve or set of nerves, and in Ms Akothee’s case this has been around her neck and has affected one of her arms. For a while, she was in a cervical collar.

“My mum has not been herself since I fell sick. Her prayers…! My mum had to learn to use WhatsApp video call just to see me. The day she called and found me without the neck support changed her life. She told me the next day she had a deep sleep for the first time since October (sic),” the celebrated entertainer and self-declared president of single mothers updated her social media page over the weekend.

Akothee rued the pain she had caused her mother Yunita Kokeyo, promising to create time for her. [Courtesy]

“If there is a woman who is proud of me is my mother. After all the disappointments and shame, I gave her among her age mates, while her age mates had disciplined, educated and married girls, hers was divorced, hawking soap, hopeless and jobless - useless with no future and (with) handful of children (sic|).”

The mother of five rued the pain she had caused her mother, promising to create time for her once she feels better.

With the support of her boyfriend and former manager Nelly Oaks, Akothee has been working with her doctors towards recovery. 

“I told you I have a pinched nerve on my neck that’s what affected my arm, so I have been having physiotherapy to correct it. This thing hurts badly especially at night. I can’t find the correct position to place my neck. My neck feels overburdened, tired and burning like fire,” she said in her post. Accompanying the post was a photo of her in a hospital bed, with her boyfriend beside her.

Only a few friends have been able to see and interact with her. Her phones are rarely answered and she hasn’t been taking media interviews.

“This is one woman who has always been there for everyone and everybody. She goes all out and stops at nothing to try and make the world a better place. Anytime I see her down, I know it’s that time her energy is worn out. Let’s all learn to appreciate Esther Akoth Kokeyo.

“If you haven’t met Esther, you haven’t met an angel yet. Let’s all appreciate and thank God for bringing Esther into our lives. I love you Esther @akotheekenya,” Nelly Oaks wrote online recently.

Akothee with Nelly Oaks. [Courtesy]

Initially, Akothee and Nelly Oaks denied they were having an affair before they let the cat out of the bag. 

“Do not get it twisted, love is a beautiful thing. @nellyoaks is the man in my life now. The rest are my past and left gifts that we share. The cake now belongs to him and him alone. In case we break up, I will be sure to inform you all. I love him to death. I believe and can feel that he loves me too. Having a past failed relationship does not mean I won’t date,” she said.

“I am having two children for him soon. And if he dumps me or whatever the case, he will also belong to my baby daddy list, I will still give him the same love and respect as the rest who left. A friend, a partner, and a soul mate,” Akothee said.