Why Helb has waived Sh1000 compliance certificate fee for non-beneficiaries

The Higher Education Loans board on Thursday, July 16, announced a sh1,000 waiver on the issuance of its compliance certificate to non-beneficiaries.

The compliance certificate is a prerequisite for all persons seeking public job opportunities as stated in the constitution under chapter VI on Leadership and Integrity.

Through a statement, the Helb CEO Mr. Charles Ringera said the waiver was meant to motivate Kenyan youth seeking their Helb compliance certificates to apply for jobs.

Mr Ringera stated that the move came after several Kenyans raised concerns in various forums, who perceived the charges for non-loanee compliance certificate to be punitive.

“It has repeatedly come to our attention that the charges for non-loanee compliance certificate are perceived to be punitive, especially to the many unemployed youths who did not benefit from the student loans,” read part of the statement.

The Helb CEO said most of the complaints raised by Kenyans included unemployment and under-employment, slow economic growth and escalated cost of living.

Kenyans also raised concerns over retrenchment and pay cuts in all sectors due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Those who seek to access the Helb compliance certificates were advised to visit the Helb website or the E-Citizen portal beginning July 15.