Global Financial Centers report ranks Nairobi top 100 cities

Nairobi has been placed position 97 in the top 100 list of cities in the world. [Photo: Courtesy]

Global Financial Centers Index 25 has ranked Nairobi among top 100 list cities in the world.

The study that was created in March 2007, placed Kenya’s capital at position 97 in terms of financial hubs around the world.

The Global Financial Centers Index assesses cities based on infrastructure development, financial sector development, reputation, business environment and the presence of human capital.

NewYork and London cities took position one and two respectively with a seven point’s margin. African cities on the list involves Johannesburg, Casablanca, Cape Town and Mauritius.

Toronto gained four places to seventh by 27 points. Zurich, Beijing, and Frankfurt remained in the top ten of the GFCI.

In terms of infrastructure development, HongKong and London took position one and two respectively with HongKong still and NewYork leading in terms of human capital.

NewYork and London also held top positions in terms of financial sector developments and reputation.

“GFCI 25 was compiled using 133 instrumental factors. These quantitative measures are provided by third parties including the World Bank, The Economist Intelligence Unit, the OECD, and the United Nations,” the report read.

The report is usually revised every March and September.

See the list below on cities performances on the five pillars.