Why it pays to be foolish

I am a shy to a fault and have paid a heavy price for it. If I was young once again, I would teach myself to approach life a little more differently. As the year ends, I would like to encourage young people that it pays to be confident, a bit foolish and shameless.

Think of comedians. Much of the stuff they do, involves being foolish, shameless, but with a dash of confidence. It is not like in life they are foolish, but for them, clowning means business.

University education has a way of making us cautious and giving us senseless class consciousness. When in University, we start looking down at some jobs, we shy from seeking help and try to act more intelligent than we really are.

Yet, some of our friends who are shameless go ahead to get jobs because they were able to overcome their shyness and ask for a business card in a networking event. They followed up with an email, even when it went unanswered. Some begin by hawking insurance or second-hand garments and just anything that many students deem unworthy. They are not easy, but they understand at a young age that you have to start somewhere.

Sometimes to get a job, or a deal, you must act stupid because money and opportunities are sometimes held by dull individuals whom you have to act in their interest. They are the ladder you have to climb to get to the top. Remember, it is an act. It is a strategy you play. Be shameless in seeking opportunities, but within the boundaries of decency. Be foolish, when trying to get a favour from your superiors. Bid your time just like a young army officer who knows that with time they will soon have the rank.