STUDY: Why majority of people suffer heart attacks on Mondays

It Is Monday, again. It will be Monday again on the 17th of September. But how many of us dread this day? We all know of people who curse out on Mondays like it the devil itself. It could be our colleagues, or our family members. What wrong has Monday’s done to us? Why do we judge this day so harshly?

A study in the US indicated that the majority of people suffer heart attacks on Mondays. Why Mondays? I ask. I think people don’t want this day to come because the majority of us are not living a life we are happy with. We are going to jobs we dislike, attending classes and lectures we don’t care so much about. We are doing things that are killing us softly. So when Monday comes, it means we have to get back to doing what our hearts find distasteful and burdening.

Tom Laughlin wrote Jungian Psychology books and developed theories related to causes of Cancer. In his theories, Laughlin argues that cancer evolves in our bodies as consequences of actions taken (or not taken in our lives).Let’s say for instance, you really enjoy painting. It makes your life worth living. In other words painting to you is what you may term as your passion.

But due to the pressure exerted on you by society, you studied computer science in University. Luckily, you are now employed by google as their backend developer. Society looks at you as a successful career man. However in reality you hate your job. You don’t want to be stack behind a computer tapping on a keyboard writing long complex algorithms for the rest of your life. All your heart really needs is for you to be a painter.

You can’t do your hearts bidding. Society will definitely judge you harshly. Your family will have a hard time understanding why you had to abandon your “lucrative” career at google for a mere dirty painting career. This, according to you is something you are not willing to risk facing. So you stay in google to avoid the harsh judgements that may come your way if you choose to make the flip.

The reality though is that, you’re hurting inside. You’re bored. You are angry at yourself, at your boss and at work because you don’t enjoy it. You develop a health complication. Upon diagnosis, the doctor announces to you that you got terminal cancer. So what really was the cause of that Cancer? Maybe it was due to your action of doing what you dislike so your unlived life exerted its vengeance upon you in the form of a cancer.

Tom Laughlin’s organization has a unique way of battling cancer. Upon diagnosis with the disease, Tom’s organization will move in to identify your lost talents and passions. So they will teach the computer scientist how to paint. They will make a great singer out of the Engineer. They will create a budding author out of a pilot and a dancer out of a doctor.

Miraculously, after a sustained period of a cancer patient doing what they like to do, the cancer goes into remission. People recover. People regain both their lives and happiness. Is it possible therefore that we can cure ourselves by living out the lives we have been denying ourselves? If Monday blues are your thing, here is your dose of medication. Maybe all you need is liberation.