The day Uhuru, Joho and Raila destroyed my marriage

It was meant to be a lovely dinner.

His wife had set the table for dinner, their three young children took their seats round the table.

Like a majority of Kenyans, politics was on their mind.

As his wife was busy serving the food, he was scrolling through his news feed on his phone.

"This Joho guy is really silly, how dare he embarrass the President?" he said.

"How did he embarrass the President? It was the President who acted foolishly" his wife asked.

"How dare you ask that woman? Politics is no place for women, why don't you serve us food before it gets cold" he ordered her as he continued scrolling.

She put down the serving spoon in the bowl.

"Ahhh.. so now that I am a woman I don't have a say? You are behaving like that Muthamaki king you love so much. So disrespectful, always picking on Raila. Today he couldn't even handle Joho. I don't even understand why you blindly support this President who is so angry that he insults the citizens he is supposed to be serving" she told him.

He stood up. You will not speak about the best President Kenya has ever had. And this family, we are voting Jubilee. You are not giving your vote to that uncircumcised Luo"

She gave out a sarcastic laugh "My vote my choice. You see what your President has taught you? Insults"

"What will your NASA team do? Foolish people who can't even settle on a candidate. Anyone who follows such fools who only know how to demonstrate and complain is not worth my time, I have no time for them. Am I making myself clear?" he shouted at her.

The children became uneasy.

"Mum" their second born said with a soft voice.

"Wait wait! You think you will tell me how to vote? You think you will be like your President and dictate here?" she told him.

He slapped her.

"Shut up! You opposition fool. Shetani wewe! Mjinga" he roared at her.

She looked at him. Angry.

She spit at him.

The children started crying.

"This family imenaswa upende usipende" she told him with spite.

He pounced on her and started beating her up.

"What is this NASA nonsense you are bringing here? I do not want to hear those names mentioned in this house. Those old fools. They were in Government before, what did they do? Nothing. They offer nothing"

He gave her some slaps and blows.

"Daddy, stop! Stop! You're hurting her" the children begged.

He stopped her and looked at the fear in his children's eyes.

What had he turn to?

What monster is this he has become?

He looked at his wife, she was bleeding.

He had hurt his wife because of a politician who doesn't know his name.

His children cried some more. He sat on the floor, shocked.

He remembered how he used to pride himself in being a husband who married outside his tribe, how he defied his parents who told him not to marry her because of her tribe. He felt shamed.

He had beat up his wife because of holding a different political view.

His heart sunk. That he, a grown man is willing to be filled with hate because of politicians.

He though to himself "If only I protected and defended my marriage and family as I protect my political affiliation, his family would be better and stronger"

His wife stood up and began to walk away.

He stood up and walked to her.

He held her elbow.

"I am sorry" he said.

She started crying.

"What are we doing fighting over politicians? Really! Are we that stupid?" she said.

"That was foolish of us. Really foolish" he said.

"I am sorry my husband for disrespecting you, for spitting at you. Forgive me"

"I forgive you"

They hugged.

"You know my love, what just happened is happening in so many families" he said.

"True, even the family of Kenya. I used to get shocked by the comments I saw on social media, I didn't know I would do the same in my own home" she spoke.

"And this is how we teach our children to hate and be intolerant" said he wiping the blood on her lips.

She looked at their children who were still shocked.

She walked to them and hugged them.

"I am sorry for what you saw today, it will never happen again" she said hugging the children.

He walked towards his wife and children feeling ashamed for what he had displayed.

"Forgive us, that was really childish of mom and I"

Dear Kenyans, don't let politics ruin your relationship with your spouse, siblings, friends, neighbors and fellow Kenyans. It's not worth it.

Use your energy to love.

© Dayan Masinde and Akello Oliech
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