A Nakuru-based TV journalist working with a renowned local TV station found himself on the receiving end after he was found sharing good moments with a policeman's wife. The irate husband found him having a drink late in the evening oblivious of her marital status.

The duo was taking tea at a hotel in Nakuru town after just three hours of knowing each other through Facebook."After chatting a little bit on Facebook we got a bit cozy and when she told me she knew me I got the itch to know her more and the way she kept chatting I was convinced she was unattached so I set foot to meet her at a place she said she would be that evening. " the journalist recounted.

He added, "When I finally located where she was and saw her I thought she was distantly familiar and then I remembered we were at the same College in Nairobi. "

The man said he was fascinated by the lady who he said also told him they later met once in a while in Nairobi during their internships at different organizations but she eventually got recruited as a constable with the Kenya Police Service early last year. According to her she still worked as a police officer.

 The excited journalist had always been enchanted by ladies in uniform and he could not believe his luck. His dream was finally right on his lap.

He was still in blissful dreamland, not knowing how to savor his prey when a man visibly shaking in rage entered the eatery and marched straight to where the two new love birds were seated.

Silently and mentally plotting on what to do next with themselves and without greetings motioned the still mysterious lady out of the hotel. "Why couldn't you just have tea in the house yet there was milk in the fridge "? He asked as they went out quickly.

At that the now flabbergasted journalist wondered what he had got himself into yet he didn't even know the lady or what she was up to. Before he could muster why to do in case the man wanted answers from him, his fears were confirmed. The lady went back to the hotel and told him he was being called outside.

When! This was it he thought. He pulled himself up from the hotel's stuffy chair he was getting used to and dragged himself outside where the agitated man started questioning him and slapping the lady.

"What time is it? "the man asked him waving his phone screen before the journalist's bewildered eyes and before he could answer anything the man demanded to know whether he was aware the lady was a married woman.

That's when the hapless journalist found his voice to tell him that he didn't even know the lady and that they had just met. He then explained briefly told the man it was the lady who had called him to the joint after chatting a bit on Facebook and wanted to know her when she told him that she knew him from College and that was it.

The man turned to him and stretched his right arm to shake his telling him he was not at fault. "You are innocent my brother, "he said before turning on his wife and slapping her again, "You are the one who called him? You will face music today I have always suspected you have a side man but you have been lying to me."

When the journalist saw that things were escalating into a public scene he requested the man to move with him a little bit away from the lady which he complied.

 "We are men and as you have discovered I am not the enemy here why don't you go and settle your issues with your wife I am to sort some issues." he urged him and he agreed.

The journalist was relieved to leave the scene but wanted to check what happened after and as he got to the street he saw a lorry went behind it and looked back being cautious not the be seen by the dramatic couple who got into a car and sped away.