A Member of the County Assembly of Bomet has called on the governor Isaac Ruto to stop peddling lies that the Assembly was responsible for the delay of funds disbursement to the elderly in the region.

Kapletundo ward MCA Mr. Bernard Ng’eno said it was unfortunate for governor Ruto to keep claiming that the County Assembly of Bomet was behind the delay of funds to the elderly which has been put on hold for over three months.

“The area governor has continued playing dirty politics and this will not help him in his political career. I don’t know why he is playing hard to drag the name of Bomet County Assembly across mud like that yet we have played our role diligently.” He said.

While talking to press at Bomet County Assembly grounds Mr. Ng’eno said governor Ruto’s claims that the Assembly had blocked the release of funds to the elderly was false since the area MCAs had voted for the raising of the allocations from Sh. 288 million last year to Sh. 480 million in the 2016/17 financial year to enable the elderly subscribe to other services including National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF).

"It is unfair that the elderly in the community have yet to receive their stipends for over three months and they have been coming to their pay points every so often thinking they can get their payments to no avail while we have approved the allocations but the ball is now in the side of the executive to activate the disbursements." Mr. Ng'eno added.

The elderly in Bomet have not received their monthly stipends for the last three months which has made many wonder what happened to the funds.