After a long wait, water finally flows back in Migori

A resident draws water from a kiosk after days of dry taps

Residents of Migori can now breathe a sigh of relief after water supply resumed in the county.

The residents had gone for weeks without access to clean water.

The county water department reached an agreement with a local water firm and a pending bill paid.

The shortage almost stalled operations of eateries in the town.

According to a hotelier, businesses almost closed down because it had become expensive to buy water from vendors who sold a 20-litre jerrycan of the precious commodity at Sh50.

Water Executive Iscah Oluoch assured residents that the county has put in place measures to ensure bills to the water firm are paid in time.

"We had an extensive meeting with relevant stakeholders and our main concerns for all parties involved is to ensure the perennial water scarcity is handled," she said.

She said the county is in the process of initiating long-term projects to ensure such shortages become a thing of the past.

One such project involves a memorandum of understanding between the Water Services Trust Fund, which is funded by the Swedish government, and the County government of Migori that will ensure that every household has access to clean water.

Under the MoU signed in July last year, the WSTF will give the county government Sh400,000  in the next four years to improve access to clean water especially to rural and semi-urban households.

"The project is co-funded by the county government which gives 30 per cent and also provides technical capacity and human resources," said Ms Oluoch.

A technical working group drawn from the relevant departments and stakeholders, including departments of water, environment, health, National Environment Management Authority and the World Vision, has been set up to spearhead and monitor the project.

According to the Water executive, a baseline survey was conducted to establish the need and potential users to be supported under the project. Water suppliers set to be supported include Migori, Nyaduong, Rongo and Kigonga.