Kisumu East MP Shabbir accuses Asians of being selfish

Kisumu East MP Shakeel Shabbir

Kenyans of Asian origin have not learnt the values of giving back to the society, an MP has said.

Kisumu East MP Shakeel Shabbir said the Asians instead stuff their money in foreign bank accounts, with the surplus mostly invested in their religious development and celebrations.

Being one of the few Kenyans of Asian origin to have been elected to the National Assembly in Nyanza, Mr Shabbir said local communities have utmost respect and trust for the Asian communities.

Shabbir said his colleagues from the Asian Community sidelined him when he went against the culture and married an African woman — Nancy Wanyonyi — in 2008. He said many Asian businessmen refused to shake his hand. Shabbir joined passive politics in the late 1990s where he managed to clinch the Kisumu mayoral seat in 2000, a position he held till 2005.

He actively engaged in national politics, which saw him elected as Kisumu East MP in 2007, and re-elected in 2013.

“During my time as mayor, I had a rough time getting the Asians involved in development projects within the city. Even if you pay tax, it is prudent to actively engage in projects which directly impact on the lives of locals such as provision of water, building of schools, helping the needy and garbage management,” said Shabir.

He said Asians have been using a lot of money building temples and organising celebrations at the expense of development.