Students set ablaze dormitories over EURO 2016 match ban

Second term is usually a beehive of activities for secondary schools. It is the term which the rowdy students commit all forms of atrocities and the school principals should remain vigilant. President Kenyatta urged teachers to be diplomatic when handling sensitive matters pertaining students.

This was after students at Mpeketoni set ablaze their dormitories. Even before the dust has settled, Itierio Boys is counting huge loses after students who were denied watching the ongoing captivating Euro 2016 matches torched seven dormitories. Actually I term this hooliganism of the highest order which students must desist from. Students usually develop weird behaviors especially when mock examinations are approaching.

Last year we witnessed the malady and the recurrence of the same manifests that students’ aggression is not addressed appropriately. School managements and principal have a vital role to play in quelling the turbulence. Parents suffer most after such mega loses because they are the one who cater for damage fees.

Students who act as gang leaders in such ruthless acts should never go without facing corridors of justice. In fact, the long arm of the law will trim such rogue crop of leaders appropriately. Apparently, students ought to understand that entertainment is not a mandatory requirement but just a privilege granted to them. Again, time squandered due to strikes can never be compensated fully.