TSC should stop disheartening teachers

Teachers contribute enormously to the growth of Kenyan economy. They are the only civil servants at the grass roots and who provide jobs to innumerable citizens.

After the September fruitless strike, the stubborn Teachers Service Commission denied the teachers who were on strike their September salaries on claims they had engaged in an unconstitutional strike. The bitter tussle went on until President Kenyatta requested the teachers unions to withdraw all court cases and commence fresh pay talks after directing TSC to release their salaries. KNUT and KUPPET heeded to presidential agreement and withdrew all cases ready for fresh Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and eagerly awaiting money to be channelled into their accounts.

It sounds ridiculous that TSC has moved to the Court of Appeal and blocked teachers’ pertinent dreams of receiving the September salary. Again, TCS has violated the agreement brokered by President to withdraw all court cases and allow for fresh pay talks.

Education cabinet secretary Matiang’i urged TSC to release the salaries on Monday but they have remained defiant. Attorney General too said TSC did not have legal basis to withhold the salaries. Why should TSC not obey the earlier directive by the president? TSC should understand that without these teachers they are incessantly mistreating, the nation could not have reached this far. Doctors, pilots, lawyers, engineers, cabinet secretaries among others are all products of teachers. Teachers should not keep begging for what they befit!