Hon Dr Evans Kidero's speech on Kenya's 52nd Jamhuri Day celebrations

We are gathered here to celebrate as a people that have always pledged to live in peace love and unity. This is rallying call that our founding fathers gave us, a call of togetherness in everything that we do as a nation.

We are celebrating the successes amid challenges our country has experienced in the recent times; but what we must also remember that, with the new constitution, we are in a phase that our nation’s affairs are calling for integrity, a great sense of patriotism, accountability, fairness and justice for all.

A phase where efficiency, transparency and equity is expected of us as leaders by every citizen as we discharge our mandate as the representatives of the people.

The challenges facing both the national and County Governments can only be tackled through listening to each other, excising great understanding, while being sensitive to one another. In finding solutions, we must respect the rights of every individual as enshrined in the Kenyan constitution.

As we mark this day, let us take stock of our renewed efforts in manifesting the principles of togetherness, mutual consultation and cooperation, which are in the best interest of our country.

The recent visit by the Holy Father, Pope Francis reaffirmed the essence of a life that we share that claims no ties with any religion. The Pope’s message of reconciliation, forgiveness and peace remains the only way, this country will prosper. Another significant visit was that of President of the United States of America.

President Obama, reiterated the need of our common desire for a progressive country, reminding us of the incredible progress we have made as a country since independence; Let us be cognizant of where we have come from while reflecting on the lessons, sacrifices and the choices we continue to make for the sake of future generations.

On corruption

Ladies and gentlemen, seven out of ten families worry about how they will get a meal each day; 1.2 million Kenyans enter the job market every year. A study by Prof Kabira from the University of Nairobi shows that individuals who are not more than 10 per cent of the total population control 90 per cent of the GDP of this country and as a result, we are witnessing social-economic injustices.

Mr President, we want to thank you for the bold and fearless step you’ve taken to tackle the scourge of corruption. On behalf of Nairobi City County, I wish to assure you of our total commitment in this renewed effort to fight corruption, of course in collaboration with the Ethics and anti-corruption commission; we will work with you; partner with you because we are aware that corruption, even though its everywhere, there is high concentration here in the City, majority of these individuals live in here; we know them and we know where they live! We will continue to make your work easier by playing our part as a County Government in ensuring that these individuals are dealt with once and for all!

If we truly love this nation, then we cannot continue to steal from ourselves. As leaders and good citizens, let us play our role, to rid the nation of the corrupt ideologies through righteous thinking, believing in one another and most importantly, trusting one another.

In Conclusion, I wish you a joyous festive season as we celebrate with family and friends; let us be encouraged to look within ourselves and set personal goals that are not only beneficial to ourselves, but also to our country Kenya and those of our fellow Kenyans.