Ban on Muhuri, Haki accounts lifted

MOMBASA: The High Court Thursday lifted the ban freezing the bank accounts of Haki Africa and Muslim Human Rights, sparking jubilation by human rights crusaders in Mombasa.


The bank accounts were frozen by the Government in April after the two organisations were linked to funding terror activities. But Thursday, Justice Anyara Emukule said the freezing of the accounts was both unconstitutional and illegal and violated the rights of the two organisations to own property.

He directed the Government to reverse the decision immediately. "Employees of the two organisations have suffered public anger, ridicule and stigma. The lives of their officials and staff have been endangered," said Emukule, who also directed the State to desist from associating the two groups with terrorism.

The judge said the gazette notice issued by the Inspector General of Police on April 7, 2015 denied the two organisations the right to fair administrative rights accorded to them by article 47 of the Constitution. Hundreds of jubilant activists lauded the verdict, saying "justice has prevailed at last and this is a win for the civil society and Kenyans in general".

Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid said they were elated that the tumultuous and psychologically torturous period the organisation has gone through over the last eight months was over.