President Uhuru Kenyatta not to blame for graft, says Gachagua

NYERI: Governor Nderitu Gachagua has strongly defended President Uhuru Kenyatta against accusations that he has been presiding over rampant corruption, and is incapable of taming the vice.

Mr Gachagua insisted Uhuru had done his best in slaying the dragon of sleaze only that his efforts were being hampered by greedy individuals in his administration.
He lamented the incessant criticism the President had come under, saying he need not be crucified for the negligence of greedy officials in his young administration.


"The President is certainly not at fault. He has Cabinet and permanent secretaries who should be held personally responsible for any misdeeds in their respective dockets," Gachagua stated while addressing locals in Chaka town on Wednesday.

The county chief also accused the media of inciting the populace by making it seem that the country had ground to a halt due to corruption through exaggerated, unfair, unbalanced and inaccurate reporting.

 He urged the pPress to abandon its knack for negative coverage and instead actively highlight the achievements in the war against corruption.
"A lot is being done to fight graft in the country. Unfortunately, what has been hogging the limelight are reports of how the national government has failed.

Worse still, majority of Kenyans disregard the fact that the war on corruption begins with them," said Gachagua.
His sentiments came days after the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission Deputy Director (Central Region) Jackson Mue acknowledged the existence of graft even in the counties but denied that the fight had been lost.

He attributed corruption in counties to increased resources and not to the fact that it had been devolved from the national level.
Mr Mue invited the public to readily furnish his office with any information relating to corruption, economic crimes, and unethical conduct.

"On its own, EACC cannot win the war against graft. We need the input of every Kenyan," he said in his office on Tuesday, hours after grilling County Assembly Majority Leader Jesse Kamuri on allegations of unethical conduct.