Finally, Ukambani political wounds begin to heal

The political misery at Ukambani has changed drastically. The rise of Dr Alfred Mutua as the governor of Machakos County came with a calming wave for the political storm in the Eastern region. His support for the ruling government and development promises for the County has set Ukambani as reference to all other counties across the country since devolution. The core principle for any progress in a region’s development is based on three key areas which are; political, social and economic development.

Mutua has lit the candle of political progression in the Kamba land forcing Kitui and Makueni Counties to play catch up. They are rumored to have patricianly let down their residents because of the little development witnessed in the areas contrary to their 2013 manifestos.

Machakos County has 100 police vehicles, forensics research centers and 500 cctv cameras as a security backup, improved and maintained roads, developed hospitals like Machakos level 5 and a public recreation center called People’s park.

The transformation of the county has set high standards and is now a central target for the other two counties. Mutua’s attempt to unify the region governors Dr Julius Malombe and Makueni Governor Prof Kivutha Kibwana, has raised alarms as Kamba politicians are claiming that he is attempting to overthrow the former Vice President and ODM co-leader Kalonzo Musyoka as the pivot of the kamba politics.

 Mutua recently expanded his connection to Makueni by meeting the residents of the region despite Prof Kibwana skipping the meeting. Absence of the County Governor however did not dampen the mood. In his speech, he urged Makueni leaders to be solid to the society and transform their plans in an attempt to fight poverty and spear head development as it is the key factor to boost the standards of the kamba land.

It’s now clear to the kamba community that gone are the days when leaders used to relax in offices mismanaging the development funds. With the presence of powerful Kamba politicians such as Kiema Kilonzo, Charity Ngilu, Kalonzo Musyoka, Wavinya Ndeti and many others, the community is now alert and equipped with power and this will skyrocket the efforts of leaders to boost the standards and affairs of the region and the whole country in general.

I would like to urge the Kamba leaders to come together and support their subjects, not forgetting that Kamba is a young community and any division will draw it backwards. Since charity begins at home, the leaders should share ideas amongst themselves to have a firm stand as they prepare to contest for higher positions in the country.