CUE orders all lecturers to have PHD by 2017

The Commission of University Education (CUE) has tightened its knot by demanding all lecturers in public varsity to have PHD’s come 2017. In a memo addressed to Kisii university staff early this week, which was a circular from CUE, it urged all lecturers to be armed with their PHD to avoid being caught off-guard.

The memo was addressed by Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic affairs prof. Maurice Amutabi. He beseeched all lecturers to endeavour to enrol for PhD programmes in the university since the university is offering wide choices of such programmes except in law, health sciences and engineering.

According to CUE, lecturers who will not have complied with such order will be demoted to tutorial fellows automatically. Initially, lecturers were granted a chance to lecture in public universities after attaining   master’s degree. Unfortunately, the tide of the game has changed and things are not the same again. This has resulted due to increased competition for education in our beloved country.

The standards of education in the country are rising drastically and come 2022, lecturers in varsity must have attained the level of professors. CUE also implored public universities to ensure they are offering registered courses to avoid the malady of frustrating undergraduates in the eleventh hour.