Mzungu Woman’s Strange Requests to Vet

Mzungu Woman’s Strange Requests to Vet

By Andrew Mibei

Bomet, Kenya: An animal health practitioner in Bomet County recently revealed the strange requests presented by one of his clients, a mzungu woman working with a local NGO in the county. It is reported that the woman who is now in her forties, has been living in the region for the past two years has and been keeping a pet cat in her house.

She has been so close to her cat that locals who regard such behaviour with suspicion, had nicknamed her ‘chepkerek’, a name associated with African magic. The vet revealed that when she acquired the cat from God knows where, she immediately entrusted him with routine health management of the feline.

“The money was good and I enjoyed deworming the cat almost on a weekly basis for she wanted to keep a really healthy cat,” the vet said.

The vet says that after a month, he was instructed to castrate the cat. This was not strange to the animal doctor for he is trained to perform the operation on several farm animals but the owner wanted the whole thing done in a ‘humane’ way.

“I don’t wanna subject Tony to any unnecessary pain so I want you to operate on him as you would your brother,” she is reported to have told the vet.

The operation to make Tony-the cat-unable to beget kittens was done under her very close supervision.

 “She ensured that Tony was properly prepared for the operation by talking to him about it for almost a week. On the material day, she ensured that he was properly anaesthetised before I removed the cat’s tiny stones,” revealed the vet.

Recently, slightly over a year since Tony was gelded, the woman approached the vet again for another bizarre operation. She was preparing to leave Kenya and Tony was presenting a strange equation.

She told the vet that she wanted him to kill Tony.

“I told her that there was no need but she was adamant. She insisted that there was no way she was going to release Tony into the wilderness yet she could not take him abroad,” the vet said.

The vet offered her several options of getting rid of a cat the Kenyan style. He told her how people in the area put the cat into a ‘gunia’ and drop them in the swift Nyangores River,  she was so shocked and made it clear she was not going to do that.

When he told her that we also kill cats by setting the neighbours’ dogs after it, she almost shed tears. She could not even accept the simplest version of hitting the head with a stick!

She wanted her cat to be subjected to a humane killing! 

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