Shock as worshipers, reverend locked out of Alupe Diocese in Teso

BUSIA COUNTY: It was a rare Sunday for the Anglican Church of Kenya’s Alupe Diocese believers who woke up to a rude shock, when they arrived at the church and found it locked from inside.

Confusion reigned in the church compound where over 150 Christians had converged for the first Sunday service of the year with rowdy worshipers pointing accusing fingers at each other, only to find posters at the gate condemning the leadership of the church.

For a moment the worshipers exchanged bitter words creating tension in the church compound.

Security officers were called to contain the situation. Some of the posters put up at the gate and on the church door read: Due to lack of a church council for one year, Rev Imo must go, due to the selling of church property such as iron sheets, Rev Imo must go, and due to dictatorship, Rev Imo must go.

The church service was held under a tree with believers and pastors trying to put on a brave face as if everything was in order.

In his message to the faithful when he stood up looking rather tensed, Reverend Patrick Imo however, affirmed that all will be well and that he will continue praying for each and every believer without discrimination.


“Church work will go on here as planned, I know this is a month of elections in the church and we shall conduct them in a Godly manner.” We shall hold our services under this tree as we wait for a directive from the bishop,” Imo said.

Refuting claims that there was division among the church leaders, Archdeacon Paul Emojong of Alupe Archdeaconry, thanked the worshipers for braving the scorching sun outside the church to listen to the word of God.

“We know this is the devil’s work, but God has fought for us and we have held our service in peace. We pray that those who locked the church will come back and open it,” Emojong said.