We live apart but I have never cheated on Kanyari - Betty Bayo

Gospel artiste Betty Bayo has vehemently denied rumours that when her preacher husband Victor Kanyari who was busted on KTN’s Jicho Pevu faking miracles, she  was engaging in extra-marital affairs.

Pictures of Bayo tightly holding an unidentified man begun trending online as her husband’s shenanigans went viral.

Some bloggers even threatened to release more ‘graphic and damning photos’.

“How can people be so malicious? When did taking photos with a man become an affair? I am hurting after the recent events and this issue of alleged infidelity is like rubbing salt into a wound,” says Betty.

Damning photos

The gospel singer insists that there are no damning photos and malicious people have just taken advantage of her situation to try and extort money from her.

“If there were any photos of infidelity, wouldn’t the pictures be online already? I have never cheated and I will never cheat on any man I am married to,” Betty.

Betty says she had no idea how her husband’s ministry was run since she worships at a different church. She also hinted that the marriage hasn’t been stable and they have been separated for nearly a year.

“A lot of things have happened in the past one year, I have been alone, and only a married woman can understand what I am going through. Marriage is supposed to be forever, but sometimes you are forced to break up,” she said and refused to elaborate.

Good heart

The gospel singer famous for her hit singles Siyabonga and Eleventh Hour married Kanyari, whom she described him as “a good man with a good heart”, in 2012 in a private ceremony. Kanyari is also a musician and has released a song titled, Auuuui!

In May, police saved ‘Prophet’ Kanyari from a mob that claimed he had neglected his child by his mistress, thereby leading to its death.

Early this year, Kanyari was caught on tape advising a childless woman to spend the night at his place so that her first child would be “mbegu ya pastor (pastor’s seed).”

Kanyari’s mother Prophetess Nduta was also arrested in 2006 and jailed for two years for offering ‘miraculous’ Aids cure for between Sh200,000 and Sh400,000.