Wiper not leaving CORD till 2017, Kalonzo declares

Wiper Democratic Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka has dismissed reports that his party is warming up to the Jubilee Government and affirmed his commitment to the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD).

The former vice-president dismissed speculations that he had deliberately skipped the ongoing CORD rallies, saying he was out of the country for official functions in his capacity as the honorary chairman of the Chinese Business Association.

He defended his trip to China, saying he had struck investments deals. In an apparent warning shot to a section of MPs from Ukambani who on Thursday criticised his stand on national dialogue, the former VP said such leaders had no political relevance in the region as they rode on his name to win their seats.

“Some people rode on Kalonzo’s name during the last General Election to win their seats. They should neither pretend to speak on behalf of the community or the party, voters are watching them and they may climb down the political ladder soon,” he warned his critics in Ukambani.

Kalonzo, who has been in China for two weeks, told off those urging him to pull out of CORD and said his party was in a legal political coalition with CORD, which is binding until 2017.

“What we have is a binding agreement with CORD until the next General Election. As Wiper we are working to renew and strengthen our engagements within CORD,” the Wiper leader said, hinting he will attend the remaining CORD rallies except that of Ntulele today because he will be attending the late Major Jackson Mulinge’s funeral.

Political tolerance

He added: “It is wrong to imagine that Kalonzo is working with the Jubilee Government. It is the position of the party leader and by extension the party that Wiper has not changed its agreement with CORD. Wiper is committed to ideals and principles of CORD.”

Addressing a press conference at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on arrival from China, Kalonzo declared the CORD rallies will go on as planned until the Government yields to the national dialogue demands by the Opposition.

He denied claims that the CORD rallies are meant to incite Kenyans and breed civil disobedience, saying the coalition is seeking solutions facing the nation. “We must cultivate political tolerance in the country,” he urged.