Kajiado becomes prime source for zebra meat for city butcheries


A saloon car loaded with game meat was seized before it reached Nairobi.

Traffic police in Kajiado impounded the car ferrying the meat of about 200 kilos on August 28.

This comes three weeks after another car was found carrying zebra meat towards Nairobi at Isinya town.

In April, two people in a Probox car were arrested by the police officers with game meat on Namanga road at Kitengela town.

According to Kajiado Central police chief Stephen Ng’etich, a passenger remained in the car but when the police checked the vehicle they found fresh zebra meat estimated to about 200 kilos and was likely targeted for Nairobi food outlets.

“The meat is probably being sold in Nairobi food outlets to unsuspecting traders and consumers,” said Ng’etich.

He said the recent incident at Isinya and Kitengela is an indication that some unscrupulous businessmen are trading in game meat.

He said the zebras at ranches in Kajiado, Kitengela and Namanga are their main targets.

The police boss said they will interrogate the suspect for information on his accomplices.