Landlord flees with sons after rape of three-year-old girl

A woman in Mombasa is seeking the arrest and prosecution of her landlord whose two sons allegedly defiled her three-year-old daughter.

The woman claims the landlord has taken his two sons, aged between 10 and 13 into hiding, to avoid their prosecution after the heinous act committed on April 4.

She said after informing the landlord’s wife, the boys were taken to Mtwapa.

Kisauni OCPD Julius Kiragu said yesterday a report was made and that police were in pursuit of the landlord, who disappeared with his sons after the incident.

“The perpetrators of the crime have escaped and gone into hiding in the neighbouring county, but we are liaising with the police in that region and soon we will make arrests,” said Mr Kiragu.

A medical examination at Coast General Hospital on April 7 confirmed the child was defiled. 

“When I told the mother of the boys about the incident, she denied the allegations and said that her boys cannot do such a thing,” said the victim's mother, in an emotional interview with The Standard.

Relationship ruined

She said the relationship between her and the landlord has always been good and they even shared a couple of items, but she no longer feels safe after the incident.

The woman said she was yet to come to terms with what happened, adding the two boys have been friends with the child and even took care of her sometimes when she was away.

“I have been a tenant at the house since 2013 before I moved out but returned in 2018. I had relocated to Nairobi to be with my husband and to deliver my daughter. I will move out as soon as I get a new house,” she said.

The mother said on Saturday evening upon coming from work, she found her daughter crying because her older brother, 17, had beaten her for soiling her clothes.

The woman said when she asked the child what had happened, she opened up and explained what the two boys had done.

She said after reporting the matter at Bamburi Police Station, she took the child to hospital.


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