Mau Mau mark 66th anniversary of marshal Dedan Kimathi's execution

A troupe of dancers from Kapsisiwya in Rift valley performs at Kahiga -ini in Tetu, Nyeri, during the 66th Commemoration day of Mau Mau fighter Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi, on February 18, 2023. [Kibata Kihu, Standard]

Mau Mau veterans from across the country gathered at Kahigaini village in Nyeri county to commemorate the 66th anniversary of Dedan Kimathi's death.

They began the event at the Dedan Kimathi monument, dressed in cultural garments, with a variety of cultural dances and prayers.

The elderly veterans couldn't hide their disappointment at being ignored by the government for so long.

They said the government had blocked them from giving a proper burial to a freedom fighter who was buried in an unmarked grave at the Kamiti maximum prison.

Evelyn Wanjugu, CEO of the Dedan Kimathi Foundation, said the government has failed to keep its promise to compensate Mau Mau veterans who fought for the country's independence.

She added that the government should ensure the remains of Koitaleel Arap Samoei, who led the Nandi people in the independence war but died in 1905, are returned to the country for a proper burial.