Kiambu parents association wants national schools slots

Closeup of a young man writing on note pad [Courtesy]

Kiambu Parents Association wants the Ministry of Education to consider placing top 2021  Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) candidates in local national schools.

Mr Samuel Wanjema, who is the chair of the association, that at least 30 percent of slots in national schools be given to Kiambu pupils with over 400 marks.

Mr Wanjema said that out of 3500 pupils who were placed in national schools nationally in 2020, only 300 were placed in national schools in Kiambu county.

“We are asking for 1000 slots which is 30 per cent in this year’s Form One selection in our national schools instead of 300 which is only 10 per cent, and the rest, the government can take to schools they want,” he told the press in Ruaka.

Mr Wanjema said Kiambu has the highest number of national schools and thus deserves a bigger quota. 

Some of the national schools in Kiambu include Alliance High School, Alliance Girls, Mang’u High, Mary Hill Girls, Limuru Girls and Loreto High School. Extra county schools are Thika Boys High school, Chania Boys, Chania Girls, St Francis Girls and Kiambu High school.

“Kiambu pupils who did well in the KCPE should be given first priority in the national and extra-county schools in the area,” said Peter Njoroge, the chair education committee in Kiambu.