Homa Bay County Assembly Speaker Elizabeth Ayoo impeached again

Embattled Homa Bay County Assembly Speaker Elizabeth Ayoo when she addressed journalists in her secretary’s office. [James Omoro, Standard] 

Homa Bay County Assembly Speaker Elizabeth Ayoo has been impeached, again, over allegations of abuse of office.

Ayoo was impeached on Tuesday by 49 MCAs who attended the session at the assembly.

The MCAs also accused Ayoo of gross misconduct, gross violation of the constitution, and incompetence.

Her impeachment motion was moved by Kibiri MCA Micheal Odira.

Odira accused the Speaker of embarrassing the assembly by engaging in illegal activities.

In the motion, Ayoo was accused of attempting to change the composition of the County Assembly Service Board illegally. This was done without the approval of MCAs as required by the law, the motion mover argued.

“Madam Speaker has demonstrated abuse of office and gross misconduct,” Odira said.

Ayoo is accused of violating the Leadership and Integrity Act 2012 which requires state officers to carry out their duties efficiently and honestly.

"The Speaker is expected to demonstrate honesty and should not engage in any form of misconduct," Odira said.

The assembly was told that the Speaker violated the leadership and integrity law by failing to carry out her duties with impartiality and objectivity in accordance with the constitution.

“I want to tell this House that the Speaker engaged in gross misconduct by nullifying certain decisions passed by MCAs and those of the Assembly Service Board,” Odira said.

Nominated MCA Kevin Onyango said the MCAs' debate and approval were enough for Ayoo’s impeachment.

Deputy Speaker Elyas Orondo took over the county assembly in the acting capacity until a new speaker is elected.

This was the second time Ayoo was being impeached since the 2017 General Election and many will be waiting to see what her next course of action will be.

She was first impeached in November 2018 over claims of poor leadership.

Ayoo, who has had a frosty relationship with a number of MCAs, went to court and she was reinstated.