Pump prices drop by Sh1 in latest Epra review

Pump prices for Super petrol, diesel and Kerosene reduced by Sh1, Sh1.20 and Sh1.30.  [Boniface Okendo, Standard]

Pump prices for petroleum products posted a slight decrease in prices in the latest review by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA).

The pump price for Super petrol, diesel and Kerosene reduced by Sh1, Sh1.20 and Sh1.30 in the latest review that takes effect from 15th May 2024 to 14th June 2024.

In Nairobi, super petrol to retail at Sh192.84 per litre while diesel will retail at Sh179.18 per litre. Kerosene will retail at Sh168.76 per litre.

In Mombasa, the super petrol will retail at Sh189.66 per litre, diesel at Sh176.01 per litre and Kerosene at Sh165.69 per litre.

In Kisumu, super petrol will retail at Sh192.66 per litre, diesel at Sh179.39 per litre and kerosene at Sh169.01 per litre.

The drop in pump prices comes at the back of a weak shilling against the dollar. The global prices of diesel, super petrol and Kerosene increased in the global market.

In the latest review, EPRA has said that the average landed cost of imported super petrol increased by 3.82 per cent, diesel decreased by 0.46 per cent and Kerosene increased by 0.50 per cent.

In April, the cost of diesel reduced by a big margin of Sh10, and retailed at Sh180.38 a litre in Nairobi. 

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