Traders set for Sh3b State tender

Jua kali artisans chisels metal sheets in the scorching sun of Kibuye Market in Kisumu county.

Jua kali artisans stand to reap from a Sh3 billion State tender to supply equipment for the affordable housing project.

The State Department for Housing and Urban Development has placed a procurement order with the informal sector to produce 100,000 doors and 120,000 windows for houses in Nairobi’s Starehe and Shauri Moyo estates.

Housing Principal Secretary Charles Hinga said yesterday the ministry has ring-fenced some components for the affordable homes to ensure the participation of the jua kali sector.

“We are allowing the jua kali sector to participate in the construction of houses for the affordable housing programme,” said Mr Hinga during the opening of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Jua Kali Sensitisation Programme and launch of the Jua Kali Production Manual in Nairobi.

“The jua kali sector is a big contributor to employment and a key enabler of the manufacturing sector. We are keen to upskill them to enable them contribute to this national development project while supporting their growth.”

Hinga implored players in the informal sector to form associations and register to participate in the tendering process.

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“Our people know how to make doors and windows; we are giving them access to the market to enable them to build their country and to also create employment,” he said. 

Put in order

The ministry in partnership with the State Department for Industrialisation, State Department of Cooperatives, National Construction Authority, Kenya Bureau of Standards, the National Industrial Training Authority, among other entities, will form a network that will facilitate the manufacture and supply of the said items.

Jua Kali Association National Chairman Richard Muteti said the sector must put its house in order to benefit from State tenders.

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