Mum makes Sh98,558 after convincing son's schoolmates to go green

Mum Lorelei Cole cares about the world her son will grow up in - and is more than willing to do her part to make sure it's in the best state possible.

That's why she moved to an energy firm that only supplies green power.

But she also knew that one person wasn't enough, taking her mission to cut carbon emissions to the school gates.

“I am really concerned about the impact we are having on the planet so it is easy for me to speak to people about this and persuade them to switch to green energy," Lorelei, 34, said.

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“I’ve had a great reaction from other mums and would love to win over everybody at the school to green energy."

But while her mission for the environment is a worthy one, the mum of one found a way to make the offer even more compelling.

That's because the firm she chose to recommend - Pure Planet - isn't just cheaper than many other providers, it also offers people a Sh6,570.56 Amazon voucher for signing up with a referral code.

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“People I have spoken to were really positive about switching, especially when they also realise going green will save them money," Lorelei said.

And as well as the new customer getting the voucher, the person referring them does too - letting Lorelei build up Sh98,558 worth so far.

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As well as other mums, she's so far also convinced her dad, brother, friends and neighbours to switch.

And anyone who thinks she's using the environment as an excuse to make cash for herself, rather than to help the planet, can put their mind to rest too.

So far, all the cash has gone on making lowering her footprint even more and helping other in need.

“The vouchers I’ve received so far have been a nice bonus and I have used them to buy things to reduce the need for single use plastics such as reusable food wrap, silicone food bags," Lorelei explained.

"I also bought the Bake For Syria cook book which aids Unicef’s Children of Syria Appeal.”

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Shockingly, Lorelei isn't anywhere near the top of the league table for the most referrals so far.

Pure Plane revealed that one man has pocketed an incredible Sh1,708,346.58 in vouchers by referring 260 people, while another has convinced 175 people to move ot the green energy provider and a five more have more than 100 referrals to their name.

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