What to do with your ‘old’ electronics

The world is transforming to gadget-driven days where people don't think twice about buying the ‘latest and greatest’ devices and technology.

The hunger for the latest electronics such as Ipads, cell phones, computers or LED TVs is growing day by day increasing the e-waste.

According to a Wirefly organization report, average cell phone users get a new device every 18 months.

Many people tend to abandon the old gadgets and devices to get the new ones in the market not understanding the risks.

The old gadgets contain e-waste such as dangerous chemicals like lead, cadmium, beryllium, mercury, and brominated flame retardants. When we dispose-off old gadgets and devices improperly, these hazardous chemicals have a high risk of polluting the air, contaminating soil, and leaching into water.

This leads health risks ranging from kidney disease and brain damage to genetic mutations.

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Here are some are some eco-friendly waste disposal techniques that can help you dispose-off e-waste:

1. Make some money

This will not only help you get rid of your outdated electronic devices but as well earn you some money.

As the saying goes 'One man's junk is another man's treasure', your outdated electronics may still be good for others. You can always make use of the online marketing platforms.

2. ‘Return to sender’

Give back your electronic waste to the manufacturer - Some electronic manufacturers tend to have an exchange policy whereby they take back old gadgets when you buy a later version.

Some recycling companies have also set up drop off points for gadgets such as cell phones and tablets after which they are recycled.

You can ask your local electronics shops regarding any information about drop off locations.

3. Give it away

Donate your outdated electronics - If you have electronic device that still have some life left, you can reduce donate it to people who wouldn't otherwise have access to it. Your old computer or cell phone may be useful to some people who can't afford it.

4. Recycle

Visit Civic Institutions - Enquire with your local government, universities and schools for any recycling programs.

Many Governments across the world are now recognizing how bigger the problem of e-waste is and as a result have dedicated a special day for e-waste when citizens can bring unwanted electronics to a designated drop-off location.

You can drop off your old electronics to a certified e-waste recycler. Basel Action Network (BAN) for instance, is a global non-profit organization devoted to certifying e-Stewards, recyclers who are committed to safely and responsibly recycle electronics.

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