I make Sh3,000 a-day selling beads

Susan Wamuyu, 34
I started bead work in 2014 after I failed to secure employment.

Five years into the business, I do not regret venturing into it because it has paid back my efforts.

I am based in Nyeri town where I train two people on bead work as well as interior décor.

On average I make Sh3,000 per day from necklaces, bracelets, headbands, earrings, key holders and other bead products.

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I source materials from Nairobi where I buy in large quantities at cheaper prices.

On interior décor, I decorate liquor bottles which I source from restaurants at Sh10 each while some clients prefer to bring their own bottles.

This too earns me some income because people now appreciate the African culture and an African touch adds to their houses’ ambiance.

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I sell my products in Nyeri, Meru, Nanyuki and Nairobi. Social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram have helped me expand my business because we get many referrals from online clients.

Word of mouth also works well for us. The work involves a lot of research for new ideas and also to keep up with dynamic fashion world.

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My plan is to expand my business so that I can accommodate more trainees.

Self-employment is rewarding and young people should not solely depend on white-collar jobs.

It would also serve as an extra income-generating venture for those who are employed.

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