Storage for cold season items

When the cold weather sets in, people are forced to get out their warming up items such as blankets, throws, coats and sweaters from the inner closets. But how do you ensure such items are well-kept so that your living space does not look like a hurricane ran through your house?

Below are some ideas to store your blankets in a way that ensures you keep clutter at bay:

DIY ladders

Repurpose a dry rack or towel rack to store your blankets. Ladders are not only space-saving as they can lean against a wall but they also provide vertical visual interest on a wall.

Group like items together or colour code the things so that similar colour clothing are stored together. The ladders also enable the blankets to breath as clothing items can acquire a damp, musty smell during cold weather.

Storage bench or crate

Blankets are usually used just three to five months in a year, so it helps to give some forethought on how they will be stored in season and out of season.

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A storage bench/trunk or multi-use storage crate can be used to store the blankets for the longer term. If possible, get one that has a bench or top that can be used as additional sitting space.

Wicker baskets

A softer and easier alternative to the ladder is to use wicker baskets to store the blankets. Baskets add a sense of comfort to a room and are much more versatile and easily available.

Extras such as heavy coats and scarfs can be hung in a closet or by the entrance for convenience in a spot that allows for easy pick-up and place back.  

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