Illicit brew fines earn government Sh1.1m

Illicit brews
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Court fines from illicit brew sellers in Kericho county earned the government Sh1.1m in the past one month.

Bureti division led in the number of illicit brews sellers who were arrested and taken to court in the past one month.

According to the statistics released by the Kericho County Police Commander James Mugera for the operations on illicit brews conducted between March 15th and April 15th, 54 suspects from the area, were arrested and were fined by the courts a total of Sh320, 000.

During the raids, the group was found in possession of 96 litres of Chang’aa, 300 litres of Busaa and 540 litres of Kangara.

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“In Belgut division 38 people were found in possession of 77 litres of Changaa, 453 litres of Busaa and 20 litres of Kangara. They were fined a total of Sh369, 000,” said Mugera

Additionally, police arrested 38 people in Londiani division who were found in possession of 73 litres of changaa 337 litres of Busaa. The court fined them a total of Sh242, 000.

“In Kericho division, 21 people who were in possession of 89 litres of Changaa, 60 litres of Changaa were fined Sh128, 000,” said Mugera

Kipkelion division 28 people who were in possession of 13 litres of Changaa were fined Sh78, 000.

“The 179 people who were arrested across the county were fined by the courts Sh1, 137,500 for the 345 litres of Changaa, 1,261 litres of Changaa and 560 litres of Kangara,” said Mugera.

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The county police commander said they will not relent on the fight against the sale and consumption until the vice is eliminated in the area.

“The county security team has received a list of illicit brews sellers and we are going to strike against them one by one. We are committed to eliminating all the illicit trade and activities in the county,” said Mugera.

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