Go classic with daffodils

Few garden views beat that of a host of golden daffodils.
Few garden views beat that of a host of golden daffodils beside a pond fluttering in the breeze.

Daffodils are also synonymous with Easter in many northern hemisphere countries where they bloom around the Easter holidays.

There are over 13,000 hybrids of daffodils and, while most are shades of yellow, they also occur in shades of orange, pink, white and even lime green.

Daffodils grow best in filtered shade or a spot where they are sheltered from the midday sun. An East-facing bed that receives morning sunlight and afternoon shade is ideal.

They are seasonal, but if they are planted in well-draining soil, their bulbs can be left in the soil during the dormant period and will sprout again the following year.

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