My Hustle: Tailoring is what butters my bread

Peter Juma Naibei, 32
Tailoring is what butters my bread. I have been working in this profession for the last fourteen years. Limited employment opportunities, going by my education level, made me try out this enterprise. This was after learning the trade through apprenticeship and honing my skills as an employee.

I have faced difficulties like influx of imported cheap second-hand clothes that have killed our textile industry with many opting for factory made than tailor-made clothes.

Not everyone, however, likes mitumba products and this is what had kept me operating. Some customers, wanting to make a fashion statement, still bring materials to have suits made for special occasions.

Another challenge is clients not picking their repaired items or orders on time.

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Starting out was the toughest; getting loyal clients was hard but with time I managed to cultivate a good client base. Some of these clients have been crucial, acting as references in landing me contracts to design items like bridal party attires.

When business is good, I make about Sh1,000 and about Sh300 when business is slow. Some days I have nil returns, when I have no clients seeking my services.

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