Give your home a sweet scent

Spa parlours usually have an amazingly relaxing scent which you may want to replicate in your home or office.

And some shops have discovered that if their showrooms have wonderful scents, clients are likely to linger on longer. 

Here are two methods you can try out to get your house smelling incredible using incredients that are easily available or already in your pantry.

1. Use of essential oils

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You will need:

Lavender essential oils

Peppermint essential oils

Essential oil diffuser

Add essential oil to your diffuser and add water to the fill-in-line of the diffuser, turn it on and let the diffuser do its work. Within minutes your house will smell incredible and the oils released into the air offer added benefits. 

Lavender is calming, relieves anxiety and sooths emotions.  Peppermint increases alertness, calms stress and tension and these attributes will be released into the air to help you relax and distress.  Feel free to try out different scents which are available at health stores to see which one works for you.

2. Cook your scents

If essential oils are not in close proximity, you can choose to cook a mixture that will release sweet perfumery scents into your home.  You will need:

Small sized saucepan

1 lemon slice

2 or 3 sprigs of rosemary

Vanilla extract

Fill the small saucepan with water, add the lemon and sprigs of rosemary and add the vanilla sweet smelling extract.

Boil this gently and the aroma will soon fill the room. Be careful that you do not over boil and all the water evaporates.

In these days, when evening seem to be getting colder, you can also brew some coffee to not only keep you warm but also to release the coffee aroma into your household. The pantry where you store your coffee will also be filled with the coffee aroma and as you know, nothing quite smells as homecoming as the sweet aroma of Kenyan coffee.  

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